Saturday, December 13, 2008

If Only...

If only I could go back
Back to my roots
If only I could have
My land's sweet fruits
If only I could enjoy
The winter snowfall
With kangri in pheran
Head covered with a shawl
If only I could relax
In the lap of Shalimar
Row myself
Upto the Char chinar
If I could also feel
The warmth of sun in summer
Have in the evening
Katlam and kehwa in supper
If I could also own
A big wooden home
With garden full of flowers
A beauty's epitome
If only I could make
My dream come true
Throw away hatred
Let happiness grew
If only there were
No more wars
Let love blossom
Healing all scars
If only there would be
Peace all around
We all could go back
And live safe and sound.